Sunday, January 11, 2004

New Year Sentiments

Let’s talk about narrative. Better yet, let’s talk about ludology and aspects of interactivity. Let’s ditch that and talk about the role of the player and character identification on screen. Let’s theorise about design documents and schema for design. Let’s disagree wildly on the subject of whether to include genres in our game designs. Let’s redefine gameplay in ever increasing circles to amuse ourselves. Let’s write great tomes all about the subject of game design, and outline in detail why only the most dedicated and multi-faceted individuals should even attempt such a feat. Let’s talk about art, about entertainment, about why games can never be one or the other. Let’s talk about psychology, about trying to apply systemic design techniques to game design. Let’s classify everything. Let’s try and paint up a past for videogames that makes us look like serious people. Let’s bitch. Let’s bitch about the state of the industry and the finer points of all that jazz. Let’s console ourselves that they simply do not understand. Let’s argue over the meaning of a true designer. Let’s forget all about level design and quietly ignore that it is 80% of all meaningful design work. Let’s construct fortresses of solitude. Let’s wait for the new tech. Let’s talk about markets and marketing, and let’s pretend that we know what we’re talking about when we speak on those subjects. Let’s be arch to everyone that is not a game designer and sage to everyone that is. Let’s dance badly. Let’s despair about Christmas. Let’s tell ourselves once again that using a scriptwriter for dialogue is useless unless we integrate it properly into the process. Let’s all fantasise about the Hollywood of gaming. Let’s perpetuate the joke about the games industry being bigger than the film industry. Let’s remain anonymous. Let’s remain unfulfilled. Let’s tell everyone what a hard job we do.

A belated Happy New Year then.

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